New Clips 12/10/18

  1. A damning turn for President Trump and his associates:Federal prosecutors say he directed illegal payments during the presidential campaign to help prevent a possible sex scandal.

  2. What we now know about Trump-Russia

    Even before Robert Mueller reports his findings in the Russia probe, what we already now know is highly damning and highly detailed.

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  3. Some lawmakers are not taking their midterm losses quietly. After Gov. Scott Walker’s stunning loss last month, Wisconsin Republicans pushed through a sweeping set of bills Wednesday designed to limit the power of the incoming Democratic leaders. The move sent protesters flooding into the State Capitol, above.

    Michigan Republicans followed suit, but may not have the support of their departing governor, Rick Snyder, who portrays himself as a pragmatic businessman.

  4. Wall St. Faces Stomach-Churning Swings as Economic Uncertainty Grows

  5. The arrest of a top executive at Huawei, one of China’s flagship technology firms, has thrown President Trump’s trade negotiations with China into disarray.

  6. The French "yellow jackets" were at it again Saturday, but with less steam after president Emmanuel Macron suspended a tax on fuel. By the numbers, per the BBC:

    • "An estimated 125,000 people took part in marches across the country on Saturday, the interior ministry said... More than 1,700 people were arrested..."

    • "Nearly 90,000 officers had been deployed, including 8,000 in Paris where 12 armoured vehicles were also used.

    • "Around 10,000 people demonstrated in the capital, where the scenes were the most destructive. Windows were smashed, cars were burned and shops were looted."

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  7. The nominees are here for the Grammys and the Golden Globes.For both awards, there were surprises, snubs and refreshing developments: All four of the Grammys’ major categories — record of the year, song of the year, album of the year and best new artist — are dominated by women. Our writers had some opinions on the picks. And our critics put out their guides to their favorite albums, movies and performances of the year.

  8. Screen Time Changes Structure of Kids’ Brains, ‘60 Minutes’ Says

    Smartphones, tablets and video games are physically changing the brains of adolescents, early results from an ongoing $300 million study funded by the National Institute of Health have shown, according to a report by “60 Minutes.”