News Clips 10/22/18

  1. Some 7,000 Central American migrants have been making their way toward the U.S. border.  President Trump has seized on the issue to fire up his base, two weeks ahead of the midterm elections. He has made a number of assertions about the migrant caravan, nearly all of them inaccurate, misleading or incomplete.

  2. #MeToo's power shift. Of the 201 men to lose major jobs as a result of #MeToo, 43% of their replacements have been women, the NYTimes reports in a stunning data visual.

  3. Pregnancy discrimination takes many forms.  An investigation by The Times tells the stories of women in strenuous jobs who miscarried after their employers denied requests for light duty, even ignoring doctor’s notes.

  4. Another attack on democracy: The Justice Department accused Russia of interfering in the U.S. elections — again.  

  5. Turkey says Saudis planned writer's murder.  After weeks of carefully orchestrated leaks, Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, used a televised address to parliament to lay out what he said was a Saudi plot to kill the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, per the N.Y. Times' Richard Pérez-Peña.


  • Voter turnout in upcoming midterms may be highest in 50 years

  • Election Day is just 13 days away. To help you keep up with the flood of political news, we’re introducing the Tip Sheet, a daily catch-up on the most watched midterm races — based on interviews with Republican and Democratic insiders.

  • Facebook has stepped up its efforts to assure a wary Washington that it can protect elections, Axios' David McCabe writes.