News Clips 11/26/18

  1. Global warming threatens American lives, cities and jobs, according to a major report by 13 federal agencies, unless the U.S. takes significant steps to rein it in.

    At the report’s heart: Predictions are coming true — record wildfires, increasing floods, disrupted supply chains — and it could get much worse. Fire season could spread to the Southeast, crop failures could desolate the Midwest and cascading disasters could knock 10 percent off the U.S. economy by 2100.

    The findings in the report are directly at odds with President Trump’s agenda of environmental deregulation, which he argues will spur economic growth. Here are five key takeaways.

  2. Migrants in Tijuana Run to U.S. Border, but Fall Back in Face of Tear Gas A peaceful march by Central American migrants waiting at the southwestern United States border veered out of control on Sunday afternoon, as hundreds of people tried to evade a Mexican police blockade and run toward a giant border crossing that leads into San Diego.  (

  3. A federal judge blocked President Trump’s proclamation that banned migrants from applying for asylum anywhere but a port of entry.  The temporary restraining order means the Trump administration must resume accepting asylum claims from migrants, no matter where or how they entered the U.S., at least until the case is decided.

  4. Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked President Trump, ending years of studied restraint in the face of the president’s attacks on the judiciary.

  5. "Why Amazon Wants to Buy 22 Regional Sports Networks," per the N.Y. Times' Ed Lee:  "Amazon expects — or plans to create — disruption."

    "Streaming could become the dominant media business in the next few years, which could mean that streaming companies become the leading sports broadcasters if they line up the right deals."

    "Amazon could aim to win exclusive rights for Monday and Sunday N.F.L. games when they come up for renewal around 2021."